The rock , Saosin, has made waves in the music industry, securing headlining positions on the Vans Warped Tour and boosting ticket sales. They pack clubs regularly and perform with high profile bands like AFI and My Chemical Romance. The popularity of the band is reflected by an astronomical number of song downloads via MySpace thanks to a very loyal fan base that continues to grow. The word “saosin” means “small heart” in Chinese. While the band does not exactly fit the mold of your typical rock band, they have found success in their own right by pursuing music and performing on their own terms.

Saosin Band Members

The five members of Saosin live and work in Southern California. Frontman Cove Reber performs with colleagues Chris Sorenson on bass, Alex Rodriguez on drums, and Beau Burchell and Justin Shekoski on guitar. Burchell and Shekoski are responsible for the original founding of the band; Reber is actually a new addition, following the exit of original frontman, Anthony Green, in 2005. At this point in time, the band is signed with Capitol Records, has produced an EP of demos, and initiated pre-production for a full-length album.

Capitol Records Album Debut

SaosinIn September of 2006, Saosin released their first full-length, self-titled album under the Capitol Records label. Some fans wondered why the wait was so long, considering that the band released their first EP back in 2003. But singer Cove Reber explains that the band insisted on waiting until the songs felt right. They did not want to rush into anything they did not feel they had given 100 percent of their time and attention. This is in-line with the band’s refusal to adhere to a specific genre or mainstream label. Instead, they focus their energy on producing music and an album that can stand on its own merits. The band does not conform to a strict image like many young performers today. They hit the stage each night in jeans and t-shirts, letting their fans enjoy their authentic music.

With popular songs on the record like “Voices,” “It’s Far Better to Learn,” and “You’re Not Alone,” Saosin broke the mold and exceeded the rock genre expectations. Recording the album fueled Reber and band mates to start writing new material and get back on stage.

Saosin Growth and Promotion

Saosin has never been aggressive about promoting their band; instead, fans have used the Internet to get access to the Saosin music. Putting the responsibility on the fans to actively pursue the band has unified the fan base, letting the band enjoy an unprecedented loyalty from their fans. The band continues to relate to fans in unique ways, most recently by inviting fans to listen in on a recording session of their album “In Search of Solid Ground,” using a real-time Internet feed. Opening themselves up to give others a glimpse of their creativity and flow of ideas as the recording developed is what continues to attract new Saosin fans.

The band went back on tour in 2008 with Underoath as they fine tuned a new set of songs for their next recording phase. The newest Saosin album came out in 2009 and features 13 songs under the album title of “In Search of Solid Ground.” The album made its way to #7 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart and the band is enjoying this new wave of success.



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